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Clinicals and Hospital services

We  can support you at hospital services right from the strategy stage to complete implementation.

These activities could include:

  • Strategy

  • Project planning

  • Equipment procurement

  • Manpower procurement

  • Implementation and training

 Clinical Content Management

Most entities clinical or IT find it a tedious task to manage Healthcare and clinical content needs. We do it all for you. Starting with advice on what would be the appropriate content to searching and putting together validated clinical information in a format that the target audience can read, understand and assimilate and we even help place it in front your audience.

Areas Covered
Clinician, Patient and Lay public Education
 - Pamphlets
 - Flyers
 - Monographs
 - Visual Aids
 - Documents
 - New-letters
 - Multimedia Presentations
 - Electronic Magazines (E-Zines)
 - Movies and TV Clips
Digital Products
Distance Learning Programs

Healthcare related Event Management
Endorsements by Celebrities
Web content and Solutions

  • Localisation

    Today India is the land of opportunity. Multinationals from around the world are rushing to India to sell their products or services. If you want profits than you need to enter India NOW.

    Why? Here is a snap shot*.

    • The Indian Healthcare market is estimated at about US$34 billion (FY 2006)

    • The industry is expected to grow at 15% p.a., to reach US$79 billion by FY 2012

    • The large domestic market complemented by the inflow of medical tourists

    • Medical tourists have increased almost 20-fold from 10,000 in 2000 to about 1,80,000–2,00,000 in 2006

    India’s competitiveness from a natural and human resources standpoint is making it the destination of choice for investors.

    India is a fast-growing economy with a dynamic and robust financial system. Being a democracy ensures a stable policy environment and its independent institutions guarantee the rule of law.

    This highly diversified economy has shown rapid growth and remarkable resilience since 1991, when economic reforms were initiated with the progressive opening of the economy to international trade and investment. Events such as the asian currency crisis, the dotcom bust and rising oil prices have had no significant impact on India’s growth; with the economy recording an average annual GDP growth of over 6.5% in the past decade. Going forward, the country is targeting an average GDP growth rate of over 8% per annum.

    * http://www.investmentcommission.in/healthcare.htm

    However here is the issue, India is an very vibrant economy BUT with its own set of rules and sensibilities. Companies that have blindly ported their products to India, unchanged have been hurt - some to a small extent, some very badly.

    The same holds good for HC IT products. You need HCit Consultant to advice you on product specific Risk Mitigation processes some of which could be:

    • Conversion and Validation to suit local needs (Country/region/city specific)

    • Translation to local languages

    • Modification of or complete change in business plans

  • Field Trials

    A project which is very large or going for a Pan India deployment would benefit from an added layer of risk mitigation in the form of  field trials/testing . This would apply for both products and services. We would carry out field tests/trials call meetings, hold symposia and carry out pilot projects with the following category of users

    • clinicians
    • Nurses
    • Para Clinical Staff
    • Generic Users
    • Specified Users

    This would provide hard, grass root evidence of the efficacy and potential of your product or service in the geography of expected deployment. The best part is that we can carry out these activities as a turnkey project.

    Our satisfied clients are from UK, Singapore, the US and India

    Specialties available

    Allopathy Allopathy Alternate Medicine Nursing
    Cardiology Ophthalmology Acupressure RN (GN&M)
    Critical Care Medicine Orthopedics Ayurveda RN (Matron)
    Dental Surgery Paediatrics Homeopathy RN (BSc)
    Dermatology Pathology Magnet Therapy RN (OT)
    ENT Prev Med Yoga  
    Gen Medicine Psychiatry    
    General Practice Pulmonology    
    Gynae & Obs Radiology    
    Infectious & Tropical Diseases Rheumatology    
    Neurology Surgery    

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