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HCit Consultant  was established in Feb 2019 by Dr Lavanian Dorai Raj MD, a HL7 certified clinician with 36+ years of domain expertise  in Healthcare and Healthcare Information Technology. It is presently one of the prominent consultancies in Healthcare Informatics. A global reach and proactive approach combined with agile responses allows it to provide quality and time- based user-centric solutions that match client expectations to a 'T'. Added to that, our USP of  24/7 availability  and transparent pricing makes us the number one Healthcare Informatics  consultancy that you should approach.

The Management Team

Founder, CEO and MD

Dr Lavanian Dorai Raj MD is a HL7 certified clinician with 36+ years of domain expertise  in Healthcare Information Technology - Strategy, Implementation, Op Management (EHRs, EMRs, PHRs, CPOE, EHealth, HL7, DICOM ) and change management.

He is the Past Chair, HL7 India and the Past Vice President, IAMI.

A certified Level 3 Member of the UK Council for Health Informatics Professions (UKCHIP), he has carried out assessment of EMRs (from companies like Epic, Eclipsys, Cerner, EClinical Works, HP, IBAHealth(Lorenzo, Monet),etc), Disease Management Apps and Healthcare portals. His work and interaction with HC IT companies from around the world like  IBA, iSoft, Eclipsys, Crimsonlogic, Ohum, GE Healthcare, Hitachi, Hexaware, Deloitte, Wipro, Cybage, C-DAC, Apollo, Axsys, Clinical Solutions, Intersystems, Vital Health, LVM, T-Medical, Mayo (to quote a few) gives HCit Consultant the edge in putting together 'best of breed' solutions for its clients. In his  previous companies he has worked closely with specialist healthcare professionals  in order to develop and execute strategies that leverage Information technology to improve safety and efficiency in patient care while meeting professional practice standards.  Utilising best practices and innovative IT tools, he has promoted high quality, cost effective patient care through proactive participation by clinicians. A domain expert in Telehealth he has headed Telemedicine and Medical Tourism at the Apollo Hospitals as early as in 2004. His  job profile requires him to meet with senior officials in the government and private industry to take ahead sweeping changes in HCIT. A member of National Taskforce for Telemedicine in India for the departments of IT and health and family welfare, Government of India, he is a member of other expert and project review committees in the field of eHealth .  His Bio in Brief

Partner and Head - HR , Admin and Business Development (India)

Ms Kameshwari  L Is a B.Com from Osmania University, with a diploma in Public relations from the Esteemed Bharathi Vidya Bhavan, Hyderabad. The early years saw her working as an executive in Dunlops way back in 1983.The past so many years have seen her  active involvement in the IAF in various PR events involving VIPs and VVIPs which has helped add experience, maturity and sparkle to her sunny and extrovert personality. Many were the times when she has single-handedly conceived and executed various public functions successfully. To quote an occasion, she once, along with her team, hosted the President of India Sri Venkataraman . She attributes her  successes to high pressure retail jobs and business ventures that she has been involved in since then. She was owner and joint partner GForceTurbo, one of the top Gaming Parlours at Secunderabad, before joining us to head Admin and HR.

Consultant- Business Development( International) and Risk analysis

Nikhil L a BCom from Osmania university, is an Ex Google resource. Previous to working with us, he has worked with Google as a Risk Analyst for more than 3 and a half years and was trained at the Google Head quarters at Mountain View, California, USA. He heads two verticals - Business development and Risk Analysis. He is presently based in London, UK


We give you the freedom to focus on what you do best - running your business profitably, while we take care of the rest - including day to day painfully routine activities and drudgery.