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Here are a few quotes from  clients in appreciation of our work: Student raves wrt our training are quoted further down (here)

9 out of 10 rating by a Blue Chip Multinational!

Email dated 25 Oct 2013 displayed here after obtaining permission to reveal our client's name.:

"I would highly recommend Dr Lavanian and his organisation for a fool proof consulting and execution of healthcare informatics projects.

Dr Lavanian has deep knowledge and insights into the domain. And a very proactive, positive , transparent approach in project execution and management. 
It was wonderful having Dr Lavanian engaged with our organisation, and we look forward to having more and repeat associations with him."

Kind Regards,
Kays Harbor Technologies)


An UK Multinational Client

HI Dr Lavanian,

I was just talking about these <project related documents> to our <name of team> team and saying how good it
was to have them for our <Project Name> purposes and what a good job you have  done with this project.
I will write to you officially and copy <name>in once we are all done.
Thanks you once again

<Medical Director>


A Singapore Multinational Client

Hi Dr Lavanian,

Many thanks! For your support and assistance.
We look forward to future collaborations.

Yours Sincerely,

<Dir Project>


Dr. Lavanian Dorai Raj, CEO of HCit Consultant is an excellent trainer in Health IT. He has trained multiple batches of Cybage engineers in HL7, HIPAA and ICD migration since 2011.
He is punctual, disciplined, very much experienced and his unique style of training and interaction with engineers makes learning extremely easy.
Thanks to his efforts, 100% of our trained engineers were successful in HL7 International Certification.
I am pleased to recommend his excellent training services in Health IT to one and all.

Vipin Kant Shrotriya,
PMP, CSM, Six Sigma (GB),
Certified HL7� International
Delivery Manager, Health IT
Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. (SEI-CMMI Level 5 & ISO 27001 Company)


Dr. Lavanian Dorai Raj, CEO of HCit Consultant is an excellent trainer and expert in Healthcare Informatics. He has recently carried out training of our resources in HL7, at IIIT, Delhi.
The students, who were senior PGs and doctorates found the training very informative and were able to easily grasp an otherwise very difficult subject. I think it had to do with his unique style of training and friendly interaction with them.
I am sure he will continue to excite students wherever he trains and I wish him many more successes

Pushpendra Singh
Asst Professor
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi

Dr. Lavanian Dorai Raj, CEO of  HCit Consultant was invited to train Criti resources on HL7. I personally attended the hands-on workshop of 3 days and found him very knowledgeable on the subject. His training style and methodology was excellent in that he made a difficult subject easy to assimilate. I have also received excellent feed back on his training from the other resources too. I would definitely look to him in case we have other requirements in the subject of Healthcare Informatics.  I wish him all success.

Anand P. Shanbhag
Global Delivery Head,
Project Management Professional, CSM


An Indian Client

This mail is in appreciation of the many services pertaining to healthcare IT, provided to us by HCit Consultant. The way in which you worked closely with us  (almost like our own resource) and traveled with us to Germany to close business leads was truly remarkable.  You never made us feel as if you were a third party, you dealt with our projects as if it were your own, which we rarely come across these days.  Thank you so much.
I also commend your team and yourself for your proactive support that helped us close our US HIPAA project successfully and on schedule. It shall be a pleasure  to recommend HCit Consultant as a result based, trustworthy consultancy and I shall be happy to calling for your services, whenever we may need the same in future.

Wishing HCit Consultant all success.
Thank you once again for your commendable job and support.

Murlidhar Nair
Meditech Transcription Technologies


A Singapore Client

Dear Dr Lavanian
I appreciate (your effort)  to
come up with a holistic solution that can possibly win this tender.

Specifically for <name of area> area, this is an area that <company Name> as a whole do
not have any domain knowledge and thus relies heavily on your inputs for the
complete solution.

<Executive Officer >


An Indian Client

Hi All,

Health Care consulting companies are many these days. Engaging a professional agency who could understand the requirement the way I think, is not very common. My requirements have been very unique and could not be defined very firm(ly), as we are into Health care IT research & development. I am extremely happy to have associated with Dr D Lavanian. HCIT Consultant has been very receptive to all of our requirement, descriptions, changes, urgencies etc. I should admit that they have done a great job for us to come out (with) Quality Health care (IT) solutions.


Dileep Kumar

Manager Technical

Indygenius Technologies


Students raves

"Dr. Lavanian, is a wonderful trainer. He starts from the very scratch and slowly and slowly builds your confidence. The first day of the workshop, you feel scared of not knowing anything about interoperability/HL7 standard but next day only you say "Yes! I can read/write and analyse HL7 messages". What's more would you like to have?
Heartiest thanks to my trainer/guru for making me learn HL7. Would feel lucky to work on a large project in your association.  It will be a matter of pride for me. "

Best Regards,

Usha Batra.


I've had a good understanding of HL7 standards and its technical aspects, and also gained
brief knowledge about HealthCare Domain.

This program is a Knowledge-loaded Capsule to those who are new to HL7 and also

could help clear the concepts to those who are currently working in it.

 Also I'm privileged to have been trained by a Domain Expert like Dr. Lavanian himself.

 S______n  _e__m_

9 Feb 2016


It was a pleasure having a interactive session on HL7 with Dr.Lavanian. The session was useful for me:


1. To  gather more knowledge on subject

2. Read, interpret and understand HL7 message

3. Made me confident to attend certification, thereby enabling me to pursue career in healthcare.


(In) Future, I would like to attend other sessions namely: CDA & HIPPA, to prepare for certifications and gain proficiency in domain.

 Wishing all the best to organization and professionals.


Jaydeep Mehta

9 Feb 2016


I would recommend my colleagues/friends to attend the session in the near future.

"I want to take initiative on my team's behalf to thank you for training us in HCit and giving wings to our dreams.We have found the training session very useful, informative,knowledgeable and innovative!!

Priyanka Alok Singh Solanki

3rd Feb 2013


"it (the workshop) gave us a detailed insight to the world of HL7 and it helped us especially since we were totally new to the Provider sector.  It was short and straightforward with no extra detail, which is good, as people in a corporate don't have time to waste. "




"Yes. The workshop was extremely helpful in providing us the context of CIS. It was a good learning experience. Especially the 3rd day (hands on ) was interesting."

Deepika Singh


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